Journeys through the British Isles: Castles of Kent

The art of warfare and the history of castle building unfold as the region of Kent in England defends itself through the ages from Roman, Norman and French invasion. Early earthen forts were replaced with wooden motte and bailey architecture and to protect their settlements and ports Romans built forts at strategically important waterways. Many of these forts were stout enough for the Normans to throw up their own solid stone castles when they invaded in 1066. We visit the castles of Dover, Rochester, Reculver, Richborough, Stuttfall, Tonbridge, Hever, Leeds, Walmer and Deal. Many castles have now evolved into heritage properties set in beautiful grounds throughout Britain. The Great British Heritage Pass ( is only available to non-UK residents and allows unlimited admission to nearly 500 historic properties. For more info on this episode and others in the series check the “Journeys” category, then “read more” and “episode info“. Additional info: and

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