Journeys: Pembrokeshire, Wales — Castles and Coast

Pembrokeshire in Wales is a hidden national treasure with beautiful gardens, the only National Coast Park in Britain, and the Landsker, a line of castles and strongholds built in the 11th century by Normans to act as a barrier between England and Wales. We visit Pembroke Castle, the centre for Norman rule in West Wales, and where Henry Tudor was born, and Carew Castle built on the site of an Iron Age fort. Picton and Upton Castles, Saundersfoot and Colby have magnificent gardens and for scenery we were blown away by the sweeping crescent of jagged cliffs, sandy beaches, and incredible sea views along the 186 mile Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Path. For more information check out episode #6 in Journeys through the British Isles.

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