Toronto 175: Credits

Executive Producer
Anne Martin

Production manager
Dick Howard

Research & Timelines
Mike Filey

Script Development
Joe Cote

Additional Camera
Jim Curran
James Mangos

Legal Affairs:  Heather Mitchell

WJM Productions

Audio Technician
Dave Beatty, QED Media

Archival Research
Tim Grove
Candida Paltiel – Planet in Focus

Production Assistant
Lesley Hibberd

Derek Hayes
‘Historical Atlas of Toronto’
Douglas and McIntyre
D & M Publishers Inc.

Kevin Hebib & Carl Benn
‘Fort York: A Short History and Guide’

Archival Images
Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada Sports Hall of Fame, City of Toronto Archives,
City of Toronto Cultural Services, CNE Archives, CPR Archives, Jarvis Collegiate Institute,
Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma (Chadwick Bros. Film Company), Le Meridien King Edward,
Library & Archives Canada, Mike Filey Collection, Ontario Heritage Trust,
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Historical Board, Toronto Public Library,
University of Michigan, University of Waterloo

Archival footage
City of Toronto Archives, Fairmont Royal York, Library & Archives Canada,
Library of Congress, Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto Transit Commission
Toronto and Region Conservation (Harvest Television International)

Additional footage
Ontario Science Centre, Tourism Toronto, Upper Canada Village, WNED

Re-enactment Sequences

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse
Lisa Usher, Greg Walker
The Rose Avenue Public School

Mackenzie House
Laura Camilleri

Crossing to Freedom
Provincial Marine Amherstburg Re-enactment Unit
Amherstburg Heritage Homecoming Committee
North American Black Historical Museum, Amherstburg
David Morris & Jim Welheiser, History Comes Alive
Al McGregor Communications

School of the Sailor 2008
Discovery Harbour, Penetanguishene

Huronia Historical Parks
Brigantine, St. Lawrence 11
Royal George Gun Crew and Landing Party (Royal George Whaleboat),
Provincial Marine of Amherstburg (Rolette and Auld Alliance whaleboats),
Lake Simcoe Squadron (Dawn Star whaleboat),
Ship’s Company of Penetanguishene (Badger and Kingfisher),
Canadian Hydrographic Society (Surveyor), Waterloo Draft (Ferret),
Hamilton Boat Crew, Nancy Gun Crew, HMS Magnet, Atlantic Challenge,
Historic Military Establishments of Upper Canada,
Crown Forces Naval Establishments, Royal Canadian Navy.

Simcoe Day,
Fort York National Historic Site

Fort York Guard,
Canadian Regiment of Fencible Infantry 1816
Royal Regiment of Artillery,
8th (King’s) Regiment of Foot 1813
Drums of The Crown Forces 1812, Parks Canada,
Fort George NHS – 41st Regiment of Foot 1812
Recreated Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada 1812
The Glengarry Regiment of Fencible Infantry 1812

Reference Materials:
Carl Benn
“Fort York: A Short History and Guide”

Charles Godfrey
“Dr. John Rolfe: Rebel with Causes”

Steve Pitt
“The Day the Rain Came”

Ron Brown
“The Train doesn’t stop here anymore”

Mike Filey
“Toronto: The Way We Were”

Karoline Smardz Frost
“I’ve got a home in Glory Land”

William Dendy
“Lost Toronto”

Harvey Medland
Minerva’s Diary

Henry Scadding
Toronto of Old

Special thanks
Peter Aylan-Parker, Catherine Axford, Adele Berchtold, Robbie Bishop, Cynthia Bond,
Audrey Borges, Rick Burke, Jorge Carvalho, Linda Cobon, Wendy Cochran,
Michael Comstock, Linda Conlon, Rick Cowan, Robin Crombie, Lisa Dillon, Ashley Doyle, Corina Eberle, Karen Edwards, Stu Eley, Sally Fur, Tony Garaffa, Melanie Garrison,
Anthony Hylton, Pat Hind White, John Huzil, Linda Irwin, Kristen Juschkewitsch,
Arnie Lappin, Catherine Kaloutsky, Michelle Lissel, Helen Lovekin, Keith Maidment, Frank Marshall, Kelly Nesbitt, Justine Palinska, Pat Parker, Gerry Penic, Danielle Pollington,
Mark Pugash, Janet Schwartz, Sandra Shaul, Emily Sheff, Kattrin Sieber, Robert Turvey, Ann Wallace, Alan Wojcik, and The St. James’ Cathedral Guild of Change Ringers.

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