Journeys through the British Isles: Credits

Executive Producers:
Anne Martin, World Life Video Productions
Luzy Dziekan, Reader’s Digest Canada

Joe Cote

Contributing Writers:
Nancy Early, Isobel Warren, Britt Hamilton

Ian Venables, David Philips

Production Manager:
Dick Howard

Milan Chvostek, Jim Curran, James Mangos, Jeremy Tabarrok

Production Assistants:
Lesley Hibberd, Amanda Hodgson

Technical Assistant:
Derek Ryan

WJM Productions
Charles Guard (Isle of Man)

Legal Affairs:
Heather Mitchell

Additional Footage:
TT footage – Greenlight TV, Isle of Man Tourism, Tourism Ireland, Visit Britain

The National Trust, English Heritage, Northern Ireland Tourist Board,
Isle of Man Tourism, Irish Tourist Board, Visit Britain, Bunratty Singers, Shannon Castle Singers, Abbey Tavern Musicians, Dickens Fellowship

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