Railway Adventures across Canada: The series

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Clinging to shorelines, winding along gorges, steaming through the commercial heartland and burrowing under mountains, Canada’s trains offer a unique and remarkably beautiful panorama of the land from sea to sea to sea.  The three-hour journey provides the opportunity to tour historical and modern cities, hike in the rainforests, track polar bears, photograph baby seals, and trace the peoples and events that have helped shape this great country. Originally broadcast on PBS stations across the borderlands of Canada and the USA, the three episodes are distributed by Reader’s Digest in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

  • Episode #1: Maritime Odyssey: Halifax to Cape Breton, hiking the old rail trails of Newfoundland before boarding The Ocean to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Excursions: Prince Edward Island, the Gaspe Peninsula and Magdalen Islands. Highlights: Fortress of Louisbourg – Peggy’s Cove – Iceberg Alley – Anne of Green Gables – Bonaventure wildlife sanctuary.
  • Episode #2: Journey to the Heartland: Quebec City on VIA’s Corridor route to the vibrant cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto then boarding the Canadian to Winnipeg and Saskatoon. Side journeys lead to the colourful Agawa Canyon and north to Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world. Highlights: Ontario waterways – Niagara Falls – Prairies – Icelandic Gimli – Oak Hammock Marsh – Georgian Bay – Butterfly migrations – Grey Owl.
  • Episode #3: Frontiers of the West: Alberta to British Columbia and the Yukon, then through the Queen Charlotte Islands to end the journey in Vancouver Island. The Rocky Mountaineer, Whistler Northwind, Skeena and Malahat Dayliner venture deep into the wilds of Canada following the routes of the early pioneers through spectacular mountain ranges, past huge glaciers and alongside rugged canyons and raging rivers. Highlights: Canadian Rockies – Kluane – Pacific Rim National Park – Elk Island – Victoria

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