Brandon, Manitoba – The Commonwealth Air Training Plan

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The Commonwealth Air Training Plan was established in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada from 1939 to 1945 where British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian Air Personnel … Continue reading

Louis Riel & the Battle of Batoche

Railways #55-Canada-Batoche & Louis Riel

The dream of a Métis State in the Prairies ended on May 12, 1885 at the Battle of Batoche in Saskatchewan, Canada. Louis Riel … Continue reading

Canada: Fact or Fiction – Who was here first?

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Stories from our archives: Over 20 years ago, On Top of the World reviewed the history of the occupation of Canada. Who was here … Continue reading


Explore the islands of Hong Kong, wildlife safaris, hot air ballooning in Arizona, Mexico’s marvellous beaches, Great Barrier Reef diving, Caribbean cuisine, Guyana’s Rupununi rainforest, Byzantine monasteries in Meteora and temples of Korea. A few of the exotic video experiences in the months ahead. (Photo: Heidelberg Marketing GmbH)

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In three hours, our train journey travels 4,000 miles from the historic rail trails of Newfoundland into the heart of Canada and across to British Columbia. En route our videos explore historical and modern cities, rainforests, wildlife, culture and cuisine. (Photo: Matthew G. Wheeler)

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A three-hour video documentary that explores England, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Emerald Isle with fascinating stories of kings, castles, cities, authors and intriguing characters, all back-dropped by the scenic beauty of the British Isles. (Photo: Pulteney Bridge,

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The evolution from a small French trading post on Lake Ontario to a world-class City: the story of Toronto comes to life in this 90-minute documentary with archival footage from the early 1900s and interviews with leading historians and archaeologists. (Photo: City of Toronto Archives)

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On the eve of the War of 1812, British and American commanders joined in a toast to King and President, then went off to battle one another in a four-year bloodbath that decided the future of Canada. Dramatic sequences reveal lives disrupted by the clash for control of the North American continent. (Photo: Courtesy Niagara Parks)

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