Canada & Europe: Remembering a Century of War

As the llth hour of the llth day of the llth month approaches, we reflect on a Century of War and visit France, Britain, Canada and Malta to learn why it is so important to remember the impact of WW1 and WW2. Our journey takes us from the tunnels of Arras and the trenches of Vimy Ridge, to a commemoration service in Dunkirk where little ships landed after crossing the channel to evacuate British troops. We hear stories of the French Resistance in Calais and explore the tunnels dug into the cliffs of Dover in Britain. We travel to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Brandon, Manitoba, in Canada, and visit Valetta in Malta to learn how the country became known as the “Nurse of the Mediterranean” and why the whole island was awarded the George Cross. For more information: check out episode #113 in the International category.

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