Journeys through the British Isles: The series

(Important note re individual episodes:  For details on locations, hotels and museums relating to the video features posted in this category check out episode info.)

Fascinating storytellers, archaeologists and historians are the guides to this three-hour documentary that explores England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and the Emerald Isle. Drink in romance, tradition and legend.  Wander through bustling city streets, tiptoe inside royal palaces, roam the less-travelled countryside, hike across cliff-hugging paths and weave your way to age-old ruins, majestic castles, sweeping mountains, and sparkling seas. Original televised on PBS stations that border Canada and the USA, the program is distributed by Reader’s Digest in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

  • England: From the busy metropolis of London to the regal gardens and palace at Hampton Court; to mysterious Canterbury Cathedral to Jane Austin’s Bath, William Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, Charles Dickens’ Rochester; to the mystical places of legendary King Arthur.  
  • Scotland: explore the mighty fortress of Edinburgh Castle and ornamental Holyroodhouse, shop in downtown Glasgow; cruise Loch Katrine and hike the whisky trail.
  • The Isle of Man: Uncover magnificent Viking legacy: Manx law, tail-less cats and ancient stone circles. 
  • Wales: Discover ancient Norman castles, explore scenic Snowdonia and ride the world’s oldest steam train.
  • The Emerald Isle: Green countryside, vibrant streets, untamed coast, and the ruins of Stone Age Man link the great cities of Belfast and Dublin as you follow in the hallowed steps of St. Patrick, walk the Giant’s Causeway, explore the Dingle Peninsula, kiss the Blarney Stone and enjoy traditional folk music.


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